First group rehearsal: Saturday, July 27 1:00 P.M. – full cast

I’ll be in contact with a few solo/small group numbers to start rehearsals next week.





Everyone is in more than listed below, these are just some of the major songs/monologues.


Delivery – Julia Stypula

Brother Trucker – Ryan Dappen, Adam Bolette, Connor Forsythe

Just a Housewife – Lisa Weismann

Millwork – Marisa Postava, Alex Kerr

The Mason – Josh Lawrence

It’s an Art – Deborah Metzger

Joe – Mark Spondike

A Very Good Day – Bridget Forsythe, Scott Metzger

Cleanin’ Women – Deborah Metzger, Julia Stypula, Bridget Forsythe

Fathers and Sons – Josh Lawrence, Mark Spondike, Scott Metzger


Flight Attendat – Katie Gomes

Publicist – Jim Evered

Mason – Harry Bolette

Firefighter – Kirk Peters

Cleaning Woman – Janet Jourdan

School Teacher – Kathy Ciesielski


Chorus – Quinn Peters, Abby Rapp, Shea Sweeney