CLUE Cast List

Cast list

Wadsworth – Tom Smithyman

Colonel Mustard – Mark Spondike

Mrs. Peacock – Rebecca Moore

Professor Plum – Connor Forsythe

Miss Scarlet – Carissa Zozos

Mr. Green – Alex Kerr

Mrs. White – Olivia Wohar

Mr. Body – Kirk Peters

Yvette – Kate Giger

Cook – Jodi Tonarelli

Motorist – Josh Lawrence

Cop – Mark Boles

Police Chief – Jim Evered

Singing Telegram – Bethany Tonarelli

Thank you to everyone who auditioned – it was a great turnout!

FIRST REHEARSAL – Sunday, August 1, 2:00 – Wadsworth, Mustard, Peacock, Plum, Scarlet, Green, White, Yvette and Cook only.

Scripts will be emailed this weekend.