Current Production

Produced by Paragon Studios’ Adult Division

October 6, 7 2017, 7:30 P.M.

Tickets on sale September 1st!

Kean Theatre, 5847 Meridian Road, Gibsonia PA

Cast List: (in order of appearance)

Rogers – Adam Bolette

Mrs. Rogers – Amiti Sharma

Fred Naracott – Jim Evered

Vera Claythorne – Carissa Zozos

Philip Lombard – Connor Forsythe

Anthony Marston – Alex Kerr

William Blore – Jeff Carey

General Mackenzie – Ryan Dappen

Emily Brent – Janet Jourdan

Lawrence Wargrave – Mark Spondike

Dr. Armstrong – Kirk Peters

 CAST – With August vacations and the director also being out of town for a week we will not have time for a read through. Please make arrangements to pick up your script by texting 412-367-1121. If you are able to stop by the studio, we will meet you or put one in our mailbox. If this is inconvenient, we will mail your script.

FIRST REHEARSAL – Saturday, August 26 – 1:00 P.M. We will block Act 1 through page 27. Lines do not need to be memorized for blocking rehearsals. However, we are on a relatively short time line so please begin memorization. I like lines memorized early so we can really get comfortable and a concentrate on characters! An actor is never fully immersed with a script in his hand. You may highlight scripts. Please use pencils for marks. Scripts will be returned to Paragon.